The Stud Motto

The stud motto was forged by Noel and Audrey Perry and is true testament to what the Strathfield cattle are renowned for "surviving when the going gets tough".

The Strathfield cattle are hardy due to natural selection brought about by many droughts over the years that are a normal part of living in Central Queensland.

We generally select for cattle displaying higher bos indicus traits - these traits are what Noel Perry strived to breed into his cattle as he knew that they would survive in harsher conditions whilst others might struggle.  Our new goal is to increase our carcass qualities through careful selection of animals, yet still retain the higher bos indicus traits thus giving our bulls rump as well as hump.

Strathfield steers prior to sale.  Good, growthy youngsters with great "doing" ability - typical of the Strathfield cattle.

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