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Strathfield Droughtmaster Stud has passed from one generation to the next within the Perry family and that is something that we take immense pride in.  The stud's solid foundations laid in those early years when the breed was in its infancy, has allowed us to capitalise on the stud's genetic base and open it up to a new and exciting future.  We are proud of the 3rd generation now coming through the ranks and although only young, their love of the land and the cattle is being fostered in the hope that they too, will have as deep a love and understanding of the breed as their parents and grandparents.

Strathfield Droughtmasters will continue to strive to remain at the forefront of the breeding industry and will endeavour to keep improving the genetic structure of the herd with emphasis on producing quality cattle for both the stud and commercial cattleman.  We constantly aim to produce animals that meet the needs of cattlemen from the eastern seaboard, to the northern tropics and to the west coast of Australia.

We have faith in the performance of our breeding stock and stand behind our cattle with complete confidence.

Some of the Strathfield cows crossing Logan Creek

Some of the Strathfield cows crossing Logan Creek. 

(Note that trees in the creek have died due to drought.  Happy to report that new ones have grown since this photo was taken)

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