Aerial Photo 2010
Leuceana paddocks in foreground, Fletcher's Awl range country in background.
Aerial Photo 2010
Leuceana in foreground and Fletcher's Awl house in background.
Fletcher's Awl
The iconic rock after which the property is named. It is the core of an extinct volcano.
Main Roads Dam 2005
One of the many water storage facilities on the property.
Downs Country
Some of our self-mulching blacksoil downs country boasting a variety of native pasture.
Fletcher's Creek
Fletcher's Creek originates in the ranges of the property. This water is part of the Burdekin Catchment.
Chappel Hill
Chappel Hill - one of the many rocky outcrops on "Fletcher's Awl"
Logan Creek
The headwaters of Logan Creek originate in the range country at Fletcher's Awl.
Wild Horse Spring
A natural spring in the range country at "Fletcher's Awl"
Commerical Heifers 2013
A line of 90 Commercial Heifers sold to a client in 2013.
Josh & Austin Powers
A young Josh Perry with Strathfield Austin Powers. Top Price Bull - Highlands Sale 2010
Shane & X-Empt
Shane giving Strathfield X-Empt a pat whilst on stud duties.
Turning out
Taking breeders back to their paddock after processing. August 2016.
Some of the stud cows crossing Logan Creek.
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