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FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 2022


Strathfield Natsu (P) (D5)

An very thick-set young sire sporting incredible length - this is a bull with loads of potential.  Boasting excellent sheath and testicular development, Natsu is a bull who walks and carries himself well.   A very smooth muscled, sleek coated bull with great depth and  tremendous thickness, especially in his hind quarters.

Natsu missed the opportunity to be presented at the annual Highlands Droughtmaster Sale in March due to an eye infection which was treated under the supervision of a veterinary surgeon.  The vet has now given him a clean bill of health, with only the slightest scarring to the bottom of the eye.

During treatment, Natsu showed that he had an impeccable temperament, being treated daily without objection.  He is a bull who doesn’t mind being pushed around in the slightest and now that he’s got a clean bill of health, he is walking his pen, looking for work.  He would be a great asset to any herd, whether it be a stud or commercial operation.  This is one bull that is not to be missed.

For further details, please phone Shane on 0427 836 005 or Jake Kennedy from Kennedy Livestock on 0408 816 463.

STRATHFIELD NATSU (P) D5                                                                                                                     Firebrand:  5380



DOB  03/01/20 (27 months)

Scrotal:  42cm        2 Tooth       85% crushside

Pompes Negative   Pestivirus PI Negative

Sire Trace Verified     JBAS 7 

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